Inspired by Designers. Developed by Merchants. Created for Every Home.

Canvas Corp, based out of Springdale, Arkansas, is led by Randy and Christine Meier. Canvas Corp manufactures and distributes a line of craft, scrapbooking and home decor basics under the brand name Canvas Home Basics. Established in 2006, Canvas Corp made its entry into the market with a focus on products that offer great basic solutions for the craft and home decor markets. Joining the Canvas Corp umbrella of brands was BagWorks and 7gypsies in 2011 and the newest member of the brand team is Tattered Angels who joined in 2012.

Canvas Home Basics brand offers blank paper items, printed paper collections, as well as a wide range of canvas and burlap surfaces. The line of products was established to fill a need in the market for creative basics that inspire the creative process. The basic product offering is available on an ongoing basis with only the poor performers being removed from the line.

BagWorks was the first to join the team in the summer of 2011, allowing Canvas Corp to begin manufacturing a majority of its sewn items in-house, as well as maintaining the basic line of blank canvas products that BagWorks supplies to the craft, school, printing and gift markets.

In December of 2011, the 7gypsies caravan found a new home with Canvas Corp. Making the move from UltraPro is allowing the 7gypsies team to focus on creativity again and bringing innovative products to market. While maintaining the complete line of products, we hope to expand deeper into the product categories 7gypsies is so well known for. While the 7gypsies products will all ship from our Springdale offices, we will maintain our office in Salt Lake City and focus our sales and marketing efforts from this location.

Right behind 7gypsies, Tattered Angels made the move from Colorado to the Canvas Corp offices in Arkansas. In a few short weeks, the entire manufacturing operation was moved and setup and is in full production. Wendy Senger, the founder of Tattered Angels, remains with the company and is focusing all of her efforts on product development and education.

Our Mission

To enhance people’s lives by making products that create a perfect canvas in the home, to respect the environment and simplify everyday living.

The Environment

We strive to make environmentally smart decisions whenever possible.  Our papers are all made from recycled materials, including our Kraft which is 100% recycled, we focus on natural resources that are renewable and do not leave a carbon footprint.  We design our products with minimum packaging or reusable packaging.  If we all do a little bit, then together we can make a big difference.

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Canvas Corp
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