Canvas Corp is a lifestyle brand that offers a wide range of blank surfaces and basic craft supplies, but we also focus a lot of efforts on collections of products that meet the needs of today’s lifestyle crafter and DIY’er.  Each theme of products can be used for a wide range of creative endeavors including party decor, invitations, holiday decorations, gift baskets, packaging, maker creations, kit makers, lifestyle crafts, scrapbooking, paper crafting and so much more.  Unlike many paper craft companies, we maintain stock on our basics and our collections until they run their course, so you can plan ahead for your creative needs and unless they are not doing well as part of the collection there is a good chance they will be available when you need them.

Here is an introduction to some of our favorite collections:


Farmhouse Kitchen – crafts that revolve around recipes, food, food photos (food porn we have heard it referred to), food displays and table top decor are so popular these days.  While many of our products can be transformed to match just about any theme or style, we created a collection that has a vintage rustic kitchen feel with just the right nostalgic food, cooking and kitchen art.   We offer recipe cards, food tags, supplies for DIY recipe books, place cards, etc.  Along with a great collection of papers we also have printed fabrics, aprons, chef’s hats, placemats, table runners, cutlery holders, canvas books and more.


Vino & Ale – this collection is one of our favorites, with the fun trend of wine drinking, craft beer making and the resurgence of cider, there is such a call for creative products to support the beauty of it all.  We took a very classic approach touching on wine, cheese, beer and cider that each stand on their own and together can create beautiful things.  So if you are looking for supplies for wine tastings, beer tasting, cheese displays, food presentations, wine and cheese gift baskets, wine and cheese gifts, you have come to the right place.  We offer an array of wine themed tags, tasting cards, cardstock papers and more.  Perfect for making nibble boxes, tagging cheeses, signing foods, display under food, gift wrap and more.  You will also find a selection of canvas and burlap wine totes and bags both with a rustic and finished look.

Beans and Bags

Beans ‘n Bags – pays homage to our love of coffee and tea that warms us up when we need it, is shared between friends and helps us start our day. The perfect collection for making gifts, gift wrapping special gifts, creating a special journal that reminds you of your love of coffee or a handmade birthday card for that special friend.  This collection features a set of beautiful papers that come together to make amazing projects.  A great companion to our Ticking and Burlap items.


The Watering Can – For those who love their garden, love flowers or just like to be outside, The Watering Can is a perfect collection.  This garden themed line brings together whimsical and vintage art from little garden critters and bicycles with baskets to herb tags and printed lattice work.  Created on both our ivory and kraft paper bases this neutral collection is ready to be transferred with the colors of your choice.  This collection is great for making cards and tags and is terrific for marking your herbs or decorating them for gifts, wrapping live plants or even wrapping a bouquet of flowers in paper.  Along with the paper pieces we also offer a wide range of totes that house pots, vases and jars ready to be decorated for you or for the perfect gift.


Bon Voyage –  this nostalgic travel themed collection has a bit of a French flare and is perfect for your travel themed craft projects such as travel journals, vacation layouts, postcards from beyond, but it is also a great offering of papers for creating decorations for a going away party, bon voyage party or moving party.  Printed on ivory with a touch of black and red, this collections is a perfect companion to all the papers red on ivory and black on ivory.

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Classic Nautical – this is our take on the sea faring colors of navy, red, white and coral that just scream nautical when they come together from ticking stripes, dots and stars to vintage sailboat, lobster, crabs, coral and even whale art.   This collection is perfect for DIY crafts for the lake house, beach house, trip to the shore, cruise or secluded island for two.  Make invitations to a beach party, create party decor for a nautical party or decorate you place by the beach.

natural nautical

Natural Nautical – this neutral collection is all about the sand, the rocks, the wood, the shells and all the natural things found near or by the sea.  this collection brings out the calmness and relaxation we feel when we are by the water.  The browns, beiges, tans and whites look so simple and good together they remind us of the natural bit and pieces the waters create.  White printed on kraft, natural burlap and cotton cords are just a few simple features in this collection.  Perfect for beach DIY, designation weddings or special gift wrapping of tickets to the beach.

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Boots ‘n Saddle – a classic western collection that brings together touches of southwest, vintage western and life on the ranch.  From paper bandanas to navajo prints and from steer heads to guitars, this collection is a sophisticated take on the old west.  Perfect when mixed with Ticking, burlap and canvas and just right for making birthday invitations, western party decor, room decor for a little one in boots or just for fun.


Mixology – a fun collection of recipe cards, papers and tags that feature our favorite libations.  This black and white collection is screaming for color and looks great with a little Tattered Angels watercolor, touch of color from your favorite markers or vintage it out with distressing inks.  Drink Recipe Cards are perfect for jotting down your favorite drink recipes or make a set for a great gift.  The papers are terrific for invites for your next cocktail party or maybe for drinks by the pool.  Snap some shots of girls night out and you are ready to scrapbook all about it.

DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding – a collection of craft basics designed to help you create your dream wedding when a vintage DIY wedding or a rustic outdoor wedding is what you have your heart set on.  A handful of actual wedding themed papers are the only actual theme products in the collection, this DIY assortment is all about the basics you need to bring to life the ideas you pinned on Pinterest or from pages of a magazine you have in your dream wedding book and you are ready to bring those images to life.  Creating one of a kind items for your wedding is not as hard as you think and just finding the supplies is more than half the battle.


Baby  – or as we like to call the little girl collection – ‘Sugar ‘n Spice’ and for those little boys ‘Snip ‘n Snails’ – yellow, blue, pink, green, grey…what are your baby colors?  This collection along with other papers we offer come together to create your perfect baby palette from pink & grey to chocolate and blue and everything in-between.  Make your own baby announcements, create DIY decor for a baby shower, customized baby book or a one of a kind baby shower guest book.


Christmas – we offer 3 unique holiday collections, each one has a different look and feel.  While some love a Country, Farmhouse look, that you will find in our Farmhouse Collection, while others like a whimsical feel like our Jolly Collection and still others are all about a nostalgic Christmas feel you will find in Holiday Baking.  Papers, clothespins, Santa bags, tree skirts, stockings, bags, aprons, cords all in the transitional colors of red, green and white, but also in nontraditional Christmas colors letting your create your Christmas, your way.

Haunt It

Haunt-It – our take on Halloween, this collection is all kraft with rich orange and black tones that come together to create great background papers, great tags and Halloween all over prints that are ready to be Halloween cards, tags, journals, mini books, layouts and more.  Clothespins, totes, aprons, cording and other items also available to match this color story.

We also have papers that come together to create 4th of July, Patriotic, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St, Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, Fall and more.

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